Bethany Simos is not that random, but she still has some randomness. She has legit broken glasses, a weird imagination, and a SciOly membership. She is known for her... interesting comments.

Annoying Mr. BeyEdit

Bethany has come to a conclusion that Mr. Bey likes every Panther girl except for her. This is because she is naturally a bit obnoxious, liberal, and weird, and because she can not keep her mouth shut nor can she pretend to like something which she does not. 

Things she has said in classEdit

Mr. Bey: What would half a person be? Bethany: Jesse!

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. What does kill you makes you dead.

Wrong Michael.

Mrs. Doré: You can't fill out a seat! Bethany: Well if she's large enough she'll fill out the entire seat!

Dance teacher: The barre will never let go of you. Bethany: Unless you break it.

Now all you need is a menorah!

Chris: I hate my life! Bethany: I hate your life too.

If I were trapped in a cave, I'd like a fat person and a match. Then I could burn the fat as fuel and heat!

It's not just Gambia. It's THE Gambia.