A fine example of a dinoflagellate, except this one's name is Hank.

The song of Bob the Dinoflagellate often permeates the walls and halls of the pod, much to the hatred of Mr. Bey. The song, well known by most Panthers, goes

Bob the Dinoflagellate, Bob the Dinoflagellate,

Bob the Dinoflagellate, he's a eukaryotic cell.

The verses continue with Joe the Eubacterium, Steve the Paramecium, and Don the Common Cold Virus. Rejected verses include Jim the Asian Elephant.

The CultEdit

After receiving the true word of the Dinoflagellate from Bob himself in a dream, Michael Green started the cult on April 13, 2012 with Nikhil Sivapatham and Sam Qunell, worshiping many shared virtues such as shamelessness, insomnia, humor, insomnia, randomness and insomnia...oh and insomnia.

Current MembersEdit

  • Michael Green (Possibly)
  • Sam Qunell
  • Nikhil "Kai-Shek" Sivapatham
  • Jack "Churchill" Brandt
  • Jakob "Roosevelt" Myers
  • Keshav "Trotsky" Kapoor
  • Kelsey Belle
  • Trent Ness (Maybe)
  • Matthew Kelsey
  • Kevin Chen
  • David Hickox
  • Chris "Molotov" Ng (Possibly, if he passes initiation...)