Yes, Charles Bey has been absent for a Loong time.

Very rarely, Mr. Bey is absent. However, we must take note of these incredible occasions.

March 6, 2013Edit

Reason: Michael Green broke into Mr. Bey's house and blasted Communist music into his private nuclear stock room, where Mr. Bey was busy plotting against the liberals. This gave Mr. Bey a heart attack, but since Michael was feeling merciful, he stuffed Mr. Bey into the refrigerator so that he could live.

March 18, 2013Edit

Mr. Bey still missing. We have a young female substitute who can be overly nice. She is the antithesis of Mr. Bey.

Known facts: Mr. Bey is not sick, and his absence is not caused by a personal problem. Source: Mrs. Croco

              Chris Ng may know what has happened, but he refuses to release details.

April 5, 2013Edit

A late entry, but Mr. Bey has resigned. Perhaps because of Concerned Panthers, perhaps not. The thing is, Mr. Bey is gone. Forever. He will forever be missed, as will the Twilight Zone.