As only of May 17, 2018, did Mrs. Barr break the news to the current Panther team that next year the Panther team would not exist anymore. Instead of the just 7th and 8th grade PI+ students, all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade PI+ers will form Team Phoenix next year. We are all very sad, especially Mrs. Barr who has taught on the Panthers Team for 11 years (she delivered this news to us while crying).

The ending of the Panthers is due to the fact that the incoming 6th grade PI+ers have far too large of a class. As of now, the 6th graders already have three separate classes instead of the usual two. To accommodate for this, administrators have decided that the Phoenix Team will have three separate classes in each grade. Of course, with the leaving of Mr. Titus at the end of May 2018, Mrs. Barr, Mrs. Piekarz, and Mrs. Kulik will not be enough to teach the whole Phoenix Team. There is going to be the addition of three new teachers to the team, Mrs. Young, who already teaches at Kennedy, Mrs. Kedziora, who teachers at Naperville Central, and another teacher.

Despite these new changes, most of the PI+ classes will take place in our beloved Pod. All of these abrupt changes, most of us are still trying to process. All Panthers and former Panthers should know of this, because they were part of our team. Many of the current 7th grade Panthers are angry and/or sad at this change. Due to this, us 7th graders are going to make this year's Panther Party the best one, since it will be the last.