The linking verb closet is a closet located next to the entrance into Mr. Bey's (now Mrs. Kulik's) classroom commonly known as "Room 201."  The linking verb closet is often considered anomalous due to the complete lack of any direct objects.  Due to this unusual occurence, students are kept away from this closet, although outside observations have revealed a collection of random objects hypothesized to be predicate adjectives and predicate nominatives.  This closet is also believed to be a secret entrance into the rumored nuclear arsenal of Mr. Bey. Though sources have not confirmed this, the contents of this closet probably include several school supply objects, a miniature statue of liberty (confirmed), a metal box with dominoes (confirmed), several metersticks (confirmed), a uranium enricher, and a saddle.

There has been one confirmed ocurrence of anomalous activity from this closet.  On [DATA EXPUNGED], 2012 during an Art of Language class, the door mysteriously opened by itself.