Where It All Began Edit

Andre Emery began the MTG craze when he brought his tool kit to school. Instantly, Daniel Zhao and Rishabh Jain were hooked. The white boys (and zehua) who played Yugioh! began to play MTG. The table became crowded so they moved to the next one over, and thus the mtg taable was created

About the Game Edit

MTG is an indecisive, luck-based card game. There are 5 color which each have their own special quirks. Red- Fast Paced damage

Blue- Utility based gameplay

White- Flying, Life gain, Protection

Black- Decay, Graveyard manipulations, Death touch

Green- Strong tanky monsters, melee-oriented

The Players Edit

Owen Chilcoat [Removed], Andre Emery, Rishabh Jain, Kyle Oxenknect, Collin Sincaglia, Brandon Sommerfeld, and Zehua Tan form the elusive, rambunctious MLG MTG Club. Their play-styles all vary wildly.

Owen Chilcoat Edit

Prior to leaving PI+, Owen wielded a strong Kruphix deck

Andre Emery Edit

With no knowledge of deck building, Andre had mashed together a splendid 150 card deck with all aspects of the game. After Praveen's Tarkir Pre-release, a 120 card deck was brought to existence. He now runs a 60 card Red-White Ally Deck.

Pre-releases Edit

Members of the MLG MTG Club at any time may request to host a Pre-release of the new MTG card sets. Such events have been held on birthdays. Only 3 members have hosted Pre-releases.