Unverified picture of Mr. Bey's nuclear arsenal believed to be under the pod. The identity of the man on the right is currently unconfirmed.

Mr. Bey was the Panthers' 8th-grade Language Arts teacher and a social science teacher. He was known for a rather sarcastic brand of humor and encouragement of stimulating conversations and debates. He supported Mitt Romney in the 2012 election and has an extensive collection of National Geographics. His favorite TV show was The Twilight Zone, and his classroom was always disgustingly clean. He did not like Dr. Zeus; but Dr. Seuss was fine.

According to various news sources, Charles Bey was actually an African American gangster who died at least two years ago.

Charles Bey: Wanted criminal and teacher of your children

Unknown sources have stated that Mr. Bey actually had a secret nuclear arsenal hidden under the pod.  Such rumors are currently unconfirmed but several entrances are belived to be, the linking verb closet, a button under one of his Roman busts (Batman style) or in the metal closet near his desk.

Mr. Bey has (since 3/18/13) resigned from teaching.


Mr. Bey is a dividing factor in the panther community. Some like him for being an interesting teacher, or just for being conservative. Others hate him for similar reasons and because of the heavy homework assigned from him. 

Regardless, Mr. Bey's grammar lessons are actually helpful if a Panther decides to actually care. Honors English 1 only goes through the basics of his grammar. Incoming freshmen looking to take Latin One also benefit from actually knowing what a direct object is. 

The basic Mr. Bey facts
Political alignment Heavily Conservative
Occupation 8th grade LA teacher and administrator of Seal identification, choral, artistic, and vocal control seminars, debate club, and eagle talons.
Nicknames (not to his face) The Beyinator, Charlie, Chuckles
Things you are not A fish, a pen, a seal, and counting.

Thing you are in