Mrs. Croco was  the 8th-grade panther Geometry and Physics teacher until her retirement after the class of 2013-2014. Her classroom is rather neat, although not as meticulously organized as Mr. Bey's (now Mrs. Kulik's). She is extremely knowledgable about what she teaches, and she actually admits to her mistakes. She was known for giving hard tests, but being nice at the same time. If you are struggling in class, she made an effort to help you understand.

The Basic Mrs. Croco facts
Panther social ranking Team Leader/ Matriarch
First Name Suzanne
Other Objects Teaches MENA and SSA for geography
Other Objects, cont.

Teaches the economics of the U.S. during US history

Quote Chief Trig says SOHCAHTOA

Mrs. Croco is known for her natural magical awesomeness. She can grade all 48 of the 8th grade panthers' tests before supervised study hits, and she has been known as the wizard. She can gallop around on two legs and shoot arrows from bows in the physics classroom as a demonstration.

In the past, Mrs. Croco had taught PI+ for 4th and 5th grade at Mill Street. She was the predecessor of Mrs. Nolan.