Richard Li is weird. He likes math, and tries to be a try-hard, but fails. He used to be an outcast in 4th and 5th grade, but has gained more social status then. Not much more is known about him.

Name Richard Li
DOB 8/7/01
Grade 7th
Years In PI+ 4
Ethnicity Asian
Favorite Color Black/Blue
Known Problems

Forgetting, Not Paying Attention, Sleepyness

Known Talents Rubik's Cubes, Piano
Wannabe Chemist/Mathematician
Social Status Shy
Habits Laughing Uncontrollably
Known For Video Games

Random Facts:

During November 2013 to Janurary 2014, he was obsessed with Rubik's Cubes.

His favorite videogame is Wizard101, and enjoys discussions (heated debates) about it with Danny Clepper.

He first learned language was Chinese.

His favorite food is spicy ramen.