The Art of Language is a class taught by Mr. Bey (now Mrs. Kulik and/or Mrs. Barr) in Room 201 (and/or room 203) in the Pod. It is known for being Language Arts, yet not Language Arts, because in Language Arts you actually learn Language, usually English.

Origin of the TermEdit

The Art of Language was simply called Language Arts by all, including Mr. Bey, until 2003. In 2003, Mr. Bey was sued for $3 million for tarnishing the reputation of all Language Arts classes, as he does not actually teach language. He was forced to choose a new name, hence The Art of Language.

Common OccurancesEdit

There are many recurring activities in the Art of Language, such as:

  • Sentence Diagramming
  • Overuse of Panther Quotes
  • Hours on end of empty political rhetoric
  • More empty political rhetoric
  • Pages and pages of packets (oh, I'm sorry, documents, *nudge* *nudge*, *wink* *wink*)
  • Talking about books we read in small groups (wouldn't want Mr. Bey to strain his vocal chords)

There are a few other things that are never, ever done in The Art of Language, such as:

  • Learning anything besides empty political rhetoric
  • Having your feet on the seat
  • Learning anything
  • Murder (or so you may think)