Reason: no pen=no writing utensil=no notes=bad grades=bad GPA=bad college=bad job/no job=no money=bad life=depression=suicide/psychopathic episode. DON'T LOSE YOUR PEN!!! Or your pencil actually...if you're Richard (Zhang... well also maybe Jason Liu or William Kelsey).


Reason: Good grades in Panthers=Good grades in High school = Good GPA=Good College=Good Life

2. Listen to your teachers

Reason: This develops good habits and shows yourself as a good student.

3. Respect your elders

Reason: Chances are, when you grow up, you aren't going to be a big boss. You will have to learn to bow down to others.

This does not mean just teachers, it also means people in a grade above yours.

4. Find a hook

Reason: Having good grades in Panthers/High school + Proof that you work hard elsewhere= Colleges like you.

5. Get a Gmail

Reason: This way, when you forget homework, you can email others to get help. Another thing good about Gmail is that most Panthers have a gmail so you an chat them quickly. G+ helps too. Also Gmail is just to OP.

6. Help Others

Reason: If you help others, you are more likely to be helped when you need help. This is an important skill you need to develop for life.

7. Do extracurriculars

Reason: Another way to get colleges to like you. Also, true panthers don't just do school. Extracurriculars can be instruments, sports, writing, etc. 8. Join ask.

Reason: Because Gianni has one

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